Email Automation Invoice Processing

  • Added : March 11th, 2019
Overview :
Business Automation + Digital Robots + Email Automation

Email Automation Handling of Invoices: User receives an invoice email with PDF attachment in a particular outlook email inbox. The robot reads an email and downloads the attachment (PDF file) in a local folder after saving.

Then it opens the downloaded PDF file, reads the details like Invoice No, Invoice Date, Invoice amount and PO no. The robot opens SAP application and searches the invoice detail based on PO No, Invoice No, Invoice Date or Amount. It fetches all required details, takes a screen shot and replies to sender along with details and screenshot

Key Operational Metric Improvements :
  • Time per Invoice Processed Cut By 80%
  • Increased Accuracy & Reduction in Manual Errors
  • End to End Process Automation
  • Accurate Visibility into Invoice Aging, Cash Flow and AP Productivity
  • Eliminate Offsite Document Storage
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